by syaffolee

Horse Crossing

It’s Halloween and the little kiddies are out in force with their bad costumes and their best begging-for-candy faces. The town’s fire department/police department is holding free horse rides for the kiddies. Or at least I assume so because I was concentrating on the road and the cars rather than the crowd of people.

Anyways, earlier today another student and I went down to Manchester for the Nanowrimo kick-off party. Lots of familiar as well as not-so-familiar faces in the writer frenzy. I just had a great time listening in on the crazy conversations. One Nano-er had self-published her 2001 novel and another had self-published a poetry chapbook which they self-promoted during the party (they got some sales too, which I thought impressive). I also took some pictures–which I might get around to posting them when I get them developed.

A small part of me wished that everyone would have talked about their novel plots a little more. You know, so I wouldn’t inadvertently copy someone. Or they could have talked more about how they were going about doing the novel this year–the unfortunate thing is that most people attending were already Nano veterans so that kind of thing was more “old hat.”

I did get a Nanowrimo emergency kit though. Altoids, here I come!