by syaffolee

Someone Needs a Smackdown

I took the “What kind of blogger are you?” quiz and it told me that I was a pundit blogger.

Oh, the horror!

The biggest flaw about this quiz is that it’s multiple choice. You can only pick among those choices. And you can only pick one choice. The following are my real answers to the questions.

1. A big election that you care about is coming up. Do you…

I make sure I don’t write anything about the election. You might get an idea for which side I’m leaning toward by my commentary on other, seemingly unrelated, things but you’d have to be really good at reading between the lines.

2. When you blog, do you link to other bloggers?

I only link to other bloggers when a)they’ve written a particularly interesting post or b)they are the source for a particularly interesting link. If I meet a blogger in real life, I would only link to them in a post if I happen to read their blog on a regular basis. I’ve met bloggers in real life before but I don’t read their blogs on a regular basis (they don’t even update on a regular basis, so what’s the point?) thus no linky-dinky for them.

3. You like blogs that:

Amuse me. It doesn’t really matter what kind of content it is. Whether it’s a photoblog, a diary, or a pundit site, if it makes me think or laugh–I’ll bookmark it.

4. People like your blog because…

I have absolutely no idea.

I could argue that most people who visit this blog don’t like it because they’ve found it from Google via some stupid and completely random search query that has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. I could also argue that most people don’t like this blog because of my low rankings on certain blog directories. I guess all the college kids hate it because I don’t use IM-speak and I’m just not cool. And everyone else doesn’t like it because I don’t write about what they would like to read about.

5. How many topics do you usually blog about?

It could be anything.

6. Your biggest blogging pet peeve is:

A lot of things. I despise political blogs because it seems as if the authors just want to find something to get mad about. People who lock their blogs under a private setting so no one can read it except them (if they want private, why don’t they just keep the dang thing on their computer instead of the internet?). Blogs with no content. Blogs with bad grammar. Blogs with really, really bad template design. Snotty and obnoxious bloggers. Comment spam. Trolls. Oh, I should just stop here before I go on for another ten pages.

7. Finally, why do you blog?

Ah, it figures that the final question actually has a choice that I find acceptable: “For your own self-amusement, really.”