by syaffolee


Lard crisis: mince pies threatened as supplies dwindle. “Lard fans regard it as a gastronomic delicacy which makes cakes, pastry and roast potatoes taste fantastic. But others, notably vegetarians, think it is a disgusting animal fat.” Add me to the camp of people who thinks lard is disgusting. However, I find it really funny that people are stocking up on lard because there’s a shortage.

Google Scholar. Yes, I found this a couple days ago. Sounds like something people can use if they’re not already familiar with the other science search engines like PubMed.

Auction of The World’s Largest Bottle of Wine. (via Kottke) Whoa. I wonder how much yeast is in that bottle.

Dreamer of the Dark. “Was the most influential horror writer of the 20th century a believer in the paranormal?” A very cool article on H.P. Lovecraft, my favorite horror writer.

A visual history of spam (and virus) email. (via Reflections in d minor) This guy plots how much spam he has gotten since 1997.

Millenium Corral Reefs: Landsat Archive. Some awesome satellite pictures of coastlines and associated coral reefs via a NASA sponsored global coral reef mapping project.

Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games. An excellent site to learn about game ethnography and history.