by syaffolee

A Thought and Some Links I Found the Other Day

So I was thinking this morning: What’s the degree of separation between bloggers in real life? This is totally disregarding linking and blogrolling. If I read about Blogger X but don’t know him/her in real life, how many people do I know in real life who knows that blogger in real life?

What number are you? (via Pharyngula) I’m 9, the peacemaker. It says that I’m emotionally stable and whatnot. Maybe they actually mean emotionally numb? Whatever.

Almost half of Americans believe God created humans 10,000 years ago. Most of the time, I take Gallup polls with a grain of salt. You know, lies, damn lies, and statistics and all that. But frankly, this scares me even though it doesn’t really seem surprising at the same time.

Carnival of the Recipes. I suppose if you’re any kind of cook, this will be interesting. Or maybe it’ll be interesting because the holidays are coming up.