by syaffolee

Boring Bookmarks

In relation to the internet, I find the word “bookmark” to be rather unfortunate. I would only bookmark a book not a webpage. Maybe it should be webmark instead. Or even internetmark. Sitemark has a certain ring to it. At any rate, I’ll continue using “bookmark” since it’s probably the only word people will universally understand when I talk about link organization.

For one thing, I don’t use other people’s computers so I have no idea what other people’s surfing habits are. But I figure, if one could snoop into everyone’s personal bookmark list, we could probably get a picture of what each person finds interesting. Actually, looking at the browser history would probably paint a more accurate picture, but let’s assume most people are as paranoid as I am and clear the cache fairly frequently.

I once used the browser’s bookmark system to store all my links. It gets rather cumbersome especially if you’re a hardcore surfer who finds interesting things all the time. So nowadays, I don’t use the browser’s bookmark system except for temporary storage before I enshrine them forever and ever in the weblog. The links that I visit regularly are located on an html file on my computer which my browser points to as the home page.

I say all of this because earlier today, I was editing my home page. Frankly, that page was getting way too large and I needed to prune it. Of course, I made a copy of the page so I’m not really deleting links off to neverland, but I really needed to axe the links that I hadn’t visited for months.

So what did I “throw away” and what did I keep? Well, everyone listed under “042 – Blogroll” can relax. I left that pretty much intact. I did some serious pruning in “043 – Personal Weblogs” though–this is the section which I put every other blog under. I took out everything that I haven’t visited in a while, blogs that were discontinued, deleted, and the ones that were just plain not interesting (there were a surprising number of those). Everything under “044 – Journals” is gone. I guess I have no patience for LiveJournals anymore.

All the news, local businesses, and the library links have remained. Everything under the 500s is still there (you can’t delete any of the science links, you just can’t!) as well as all the recipes under 641. Games and amusements at 793 saw some major shrinkage though. I don’t have time for most games. The only notable stuff left there now is Little Fluffy Industries, Monkey Ninjas, WEBoggle, and Weebl and Bob.

I still have a whole bunch of links but it’s not so unmanageable now.

On another note: So for anyone who has noticed, yeah, I changed the weblog template/layout last weekend. I have not tested it out on every browser out there, so if you see something weird happening with the layout, don’t hesitate to let me know.