by syaffolee

Alarm Clocks and Earplugs Don’t Mix

A couple months ago, I got earplugs in order to remedy the problem of noisy neighbors. I don’t use them all the time though–that’s why I still hear all the ruckus going on next door. Of course, last night, they started fighting again at 3 AM so my sleep-addled and annoyed self actually got up to stick earplugs in my ear. When I woke up next, I realized my alarm clock had been beeping for almost twenty minutes. I’m sure that pissed off the neighbors–but it was their own damn fault!

* * *
2004 Weblog Awards. They’re taking nominations. I think they have way too many categories. They might has well have a “Best Microbiology Student With Noisy Neighbors Blog” and I would be all over that.

Hack your way out of writer’s block. I don’t know–I need to stop procrastinating and just do it.

Custom Corset Pattern Generator and T-Shirt Underwear. Even if I knew how to operate a sewing machine, no one would see me in that stuff. And even if they did, they’d run the other way screaming that the end is coming.

Mammatus Clouds. Cool atmospheric phenomena. Although to my eye, they look more like twisty donut sticks–only people with dirty minds would call them “mammatus clouds”!

The Pirate Captain’s Log. “A word of advice: when it comes to giant squids, don’t tempt fate by claiming that they’re easy to defeat.”