by syaffolee


I think Blogger was trying to tell me something when I couldn’t get the post I wrote last night to publish. So this morning, I deleted it. So what was that post about? I was complaining about secretary ladies, that’s what. But this morning, in a more clear-headed frame of mind, I realized that it would have been a bad idea to publish it. Secretary ladies are the secret controllers of people’s lives. If I annoy them, then it’s: Oops–sorry, your transcript for the last couple years apparently has disappeared into oblivion. I guess you’ll just have to do everything all over again.

So I’m at the moment waiting to have my car inspected and fitted with snow tires. Yeah, I should have gotten snow tires a month or two ago, but I’ve been procrastinating, as usual. At least it hasn’t snowed yet so I think I’m still in the clear. Now at home, I’m hearing noises coming from the neighbors’ apartment. I’m sure they’re not arguing because the noises sound more like hammers and electric screwdrivers. I suppose they’re trying to fix everything they broke last night (presumably in another fight).

I also figured that at the really slow pace I’m making on Nanowrimo (and I also realized I’m user number 42!), I need to write about 3k a day to reach 50k. This is really bad. The previous years, I was pretty much finished by this time.