by syaffolee

Probably In One Ear and Out the Other

At the moment, I’m pulling words out of my head slowly and painfully one by one. Agonizingly fun times, I tell ya’. But I’m going to finish this 50,000 word novel by the end of this month no matter what. Yes, I know it’s horrible (absolutely horrible), but quality doesn’t matter, right? It’s also downright depressing that no one cares. Writing novels–something wannabe scientists shouldn’t be doing, a waste of time, something that anyone with a keyboard could pound out. And even if one is written, would anyone read it? Of course not.

You’re just pontificating, being a blowhard. It’s old hat. You’ve done this all before. Where’s the challenge? You’re just retreading the ol’ track. You might as well copy and paste. Copy and paste…

If only the libraries were open during the holidays–yes only a poor sap like me would actually be happy spending time in a library when everyone else would rather be at home–then maybe I wouldn’t be in such a foul mood.

* * *
For those of you who don’t give a damn about writer’s depression:

A Growing Gender Gap Tests College Admissions. This is not really the fault of college admissions. The problem is high school–boys should be doing well in this environment first if they want to get into a good college. But since I’m not a boy, I have little idea why they aren’t testing as well as girls. Maybe teaching methods should be changed, but I don’t see any changes happening any time soon.

Catch27. (via Kottke) A trading card game–trade your old friends for new hot ones. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yet another site for hip, young, narcisstic, and attractive people to show off. Chubby, myopic nerds need not apply.