by syaffolee

Too Early For Vacations and Parties

My advisor began talking about four day vacations and my first thought was: What?! I’m only getting four days off for Christmas? Of course, he was talking about Thanksgiving break, but my Thanksgiving break was pretty much non-existent. Not only was I writing like mad, but I was in lab for three of the four days (including Thanksgiving Day). Sure, I should have taken those days off, slept in, done nothing. But I have no life and working fills up my time, so why not?

It’s also that time of year again–time for Christmas parties. I view these social events with a sort of amused disgust. They pretty much sap whatever patience I have left. This year, I’m sort of obligated to go to one of them. In order to get an estimate of who’s coming, the host asked everyone how many people they’re bringing. I find it a not-so-subtle dig for my personal life. Since I mentioned above that I have no life, you dear reader, wouldn’t bat an eye at the fact that I’m only bringing myself to the party. But they don’t know that. For all they know, I could have a boyfriend locked up in the closet because I never talk about my personal life with them. They don’t know about this weblog, my writing hobby, my favorite kinds of music, my bookstore hunting adventures during the weekend, nada.

And I have to get a gift for a gift exchange. What do you buy for a recipient who could be anybody?