by syaffolee

More Collected Notes

*Overheard conversation on name calling: “[He] called [him] a piece of a booger! Hm, I wonder if it’s worse being a booger or just part of a booger.”

*After listening to some crazy anecdotes from a self-professed Italian ex-playboy, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re a single woman out to tour Italy, beware of your tour guide’s male friends who’ll tell you they’ll “show you a good time on the beach.”

*I’m realizing that fortuitous incidents happening by mere luck or hard work are two completely different things. I’m happy when after my own efforts, things go well. Being lucky, by probability, would make most people happy but is making me feel incredibly guilty. Other people deserve that luck more than I do.

*Resolution: I’m going to find some volunteer work to do the beginning of next year. Doing research is great and all, but after moldering in lab for so many months, I think I’m beginning to lose touch with the rest of humanity.

*Canadian ice wine is some good stuff.