by syaffolee

An Important Note

If you live in the Upper Valley area and if you’ve ever had transportation issues, now’s the time to let your voice be heard! Advance Transit, the only public transportation system up here in the boondocks, might face budget cuts. Yeah, I know sometimes the buses aren’t on time, but you’ve got to cut them some slack. There are only so many roads up here and even though rush hour at some other places is worse, it’s still pretty bad. Besides, you can’t argue with the fact that the whole thing is free.

It would be really great if they had more buses on the road or extended their operating hours or even started offering rides on the weekend again. And wouldn’t you like to have some sort of backup transportation when your car breaks down? So if you’ve ever taken the shuttle, are thinking about taking the shuttle, or know someone taking the shuttle go to the town hall meeting at Lebanon City Hall on December 9 (Thursday), at 7pm. That’s tomorrow! If you can’t make it, call the city councilor (pdf).