by syaffolee

And Yet More Collected Notes

*An English professor recently told me that I had picked the wrong field because I can’t BS anything. Sure, science is extremely unforgiving when it comes to “interpretation”, but isn’t that a good thing? At least I will have credibility when I say something.

*You know my observations on human nature aren’t that keen when I have to be told that two people avoided each other because they don’t like each other and not because they move in different social circles.

*People can believe in whatever they want, but when they start ranting about “faith” in a non-religious venue, I start thinking about duct tape. I have little patience with people who waste breath on something that can be simply kept to themselves. Otherwise, they sound like mentally ill nutjobs.

*On complainers: If you don’t drive, then don’t complain about drivers who drive really slowly in bad weather. Ice was falling from the sky a few days ago, and believe me, if you went over 35 mph, you had a death wish.

*Why is it that people seem to think that I know all about fetishes and deviant behavior? I probably know about as much as the next guy. Most likely less.