by syaffolee

A Free Moment

Benjamin Rosenbaum. (via Julie from Neoluddite) A writer who has a blog. I’ll look around some more whenever I have more free moments.

What Planet Are You From? (via Watermark) It says I’m from Neptune. Everyone’s from Neptune.

Skeletal Systems. An artist imagines what cartoon skeletons look like. I don’t think cartoons have skeletons. They’re just globs. (Otherwise, how would they bounce back after you hit them with a sledgehammer?)

Five Mistakes Band & Label Sites Make. Some tips that could apply to anyone making a website.

Contrarian finding: Computers are a drag on learning. I think it depends on how you use computers to augment education. But one thing’s for sure, you can’t sole rely on a machine to do the teaching for you.

Company lets U.S. travelers ‘Go Canadian’. The problem with Americans that believe this is a good idea is that they think everyone waves flags around to proclaim their country of citizenship just like they do. What I think will happen is that whenever someone sees a person wrapped around a Canadian flag, they’ll think it’s just some American pretending he’s Canadian. This will be bad for any real Canadians although whipping out the passport would probably erase any doubt. The actual problem, however, is that some people treat others as a national stereotype rather than an individual. There are rotten people and good people in every country and people have to remember that politics–no matter how crazy it gets–is no indication of anyone’s personality.

Dude–professor studies ‘dude’. “Kiesling says in the fall edition of American Speech that the word derives its power from something he calls cool solidarity — an effortless kinship that’s not too intimate.” It’s amusing, on the surface level, but this is one reason why the humanities never really interested me that much–they overanalyze everything.

Secrets of Firefox 1.0. Some interesting things you can do with your browser. The only thing I noticed before was how the address bar would change color when you entered a secure site or how a search bar would pop up on the bottom when you’re trying to search for a word on a webpage.

Firefox users ignore online ads, report says. Tell me something I don’t know.

God cut from dark Materials film and Deicide dropped from Pullman adaptation. I suppose as long as the author is okay with that, then it’s fine. But damn, I personally wouldn’t let the religious right bully me into doing anything.

End of the Personal Blogger. Eh. It’s like everything else. Mom and pop stores are bulldozed down to make way for giant retailers. A lone activist wouldn’t reach as many people as a giant organization. Most people are lazy, you see. They’ll just go to those professional sites because they have more resources to reach more people. Only people who stumble across personal websites by accident will read dinky blogs like this one.

The 100 Oldest Currently Registered .COM Domains. Enough said.

How to Survive a Zombie Epidemic. Good thing I have nails and hammers stockpiled.

Students fight for right to bare all. Er…okay.