by syaffolee

Snippets and a Meme

*On the flight from MHT to BNA, I noticed that one of the flight attendants had a really strong southern accent as she went through the spiel on what to do in case of an emergency. And I wondered: Is my memory going? I don’t recall anyone having such a strong accent when I did live in the south. Is that really her accent or was she doing a parody since we were flying to Nashville? Or have I lived up in New England for too long?

*The city was breaking out the salt trucks when it started to rain ice last night and the news stations were scrolling out all the school/day care closings. Apparently, I’ve been away too long since now I think this is an overreaction.

*Nashville is a lot more diverse than the boondocks in New Hampshire outside of the college. Or at least that has been my recent observation. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am, in a way. It’s funny how you get into this sort of complacent mindset that most other places in the country are basically the same. But then you take a closer look and you realize, no it isn’t. Not by a long shot.

*I took some time out to watch an anime series called Spiral. I haven’t watched a lot of anime, but it was my feeling that this one was far more brainy than the usual fare. The characters go around solving mysteries and puzzels and challenges using logic rather than resorting to magic and fighting machines. There are also other aspects to the series involving the main character trying to get out from the shadow of his brilliant older brother and a rather nilhistic attitude toward the idea of destiny–but this gets rather depressing and you wonder, did they get a bunch of goth teens to write the story’s philosophy?

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: All I Want For Christmas

(Via Shawn Allison, because when I go to the original website, the latest entry I get is December 9. And I swear I cleared the cache.)

Onesome: All– Ready, set, go! It’s all over in just a few days. Are you ready to relax a bit and kick back for a day or two? …or are you going to be the one working so darned hard to make it all work? (…or is that how you like it?)

I’m relaxing right now and not thinking about anything in particular. I’m not checking my e-mail either. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Twosome: I want– The easy one : what is it you’d really like for Christmas this year? …any chance you’re getting it?

Well, what I want can’t be solved within the time frame of a Christmas break, so no. Otherwise, I don’t really want anything else.

Threesome: For Christmas– For Christmas? Sarah and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy yourself this weekend!

Merry Christmas to you too!