Still Brooding

This is not the original beginning of this post. I had started writing it last night, but it turned out to be a rant of sorts and it would have possibly been a bad idea to post it. Sure, it vented some frustration but in the end, I don’t think it would have solved anything.

Well enough of that. Onto more trivial things. I started on Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell but it may not have been such a good idea–the novel is not exactly cheery. I’ve also been fiddling around with interactive fiction again (hence the IF allusions a few posts back) although on the surface, this may not be a very good idea either.

My attention span and persistance on IF puzzles typically is very short. Nonetheless, I finished two different games in a relatively short amount of time without much help which must be some sort of record for me. The Dreamhold is billed as a game for beginners although the puzzles are not exactly trivial. The Cabal is really easy–I’m not sure there’s really any way you can actually “lose”–and is more humor and parody with lots of IF in-jokes. I dabbled around on two other games: Risorgimento Represso, the protagonist is a college student who gets sucked into a fantasy world, and The Abbey, which was inspired by Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose.

Insiteview has started posting again after a long hiatus–just in time for his blog’s third anniversary. One thing the blog’s owner had worried about was what to post and was contantly agonizing on what to say. Everyone has something to say and there will always be something to post. True, some stuff might come off as stupid instead of brilliant, but nobody can be brilliant all the time. Not even Einstein. And if other people expect you to sound brilliant all the time–well, don’t worry about them. They just have unrealistic expectations.

As the blogosphere matures, webloggers are starting to take themselves more and more seriously which on occasion can sound quite comically extreme. I think one should take it seriously if you’re earning a living via blog, but otherwise, this internet medium is nothing more than a way to disseminate opinion and thought, put out some information, hone the writing skill.

Speaking of taking things seriously, Pharyngula asks if he should be flattered or creeped out by somebody exhaustively analyzing his blogroll for gender bias. I think he should be creeped out. It would have been different if a lot of other people’s blogrolls were also analyzed for gender bias, but he was singled out for something that suspiciously resembles witch hunting. Blogrolls are poor places to find gender bias anyway because people use them for different purposes. Some might use them to list sites they read, but others might just link for the sake of linking somebody famous or linking to get hits or linking because somebody commented on their site or linked back to them.

More blog-related stuff: I got a Google search for “unattractive persons mostly perceived as murderers.” Depressing. Would people automatically think that the ugly person killed someone rather than the attractive person? Let’s say you read about a murder in the newspaper and there are two suspects–one that looked like Tom Cruise and one that looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Further in the article, the police states that only one person committed the crime but so far they can’t tell if it’s one or the other. What would your gut feeling say?

Okay, so I know everyone would say that they would look at all the evidence first before declaring one person the murderer, but what if the murder is never resolved and the two suspects are free to roam society? Would you automatically avoid walking into the hunchback more than the Tom Cruise look-alike?