by syaffolee

Links and a Meme

Bloggers, Your Audience Awaits. (via Dustbury) I am somewhere in between “up-and-coming” and the rest of the slush pile.

How time flies. A Guardian article looking at how the Aymara view time–as the past in front of us while the future is behind. In a way, this intuitively makes sense–we can see the past but not the future–strange that more cultures don’t view time this way.

Banned Books in the Year 2191. It’s all about the robot overlords.

Whimsical Units of Measurement. Let’s see: for happiness, I’m feeling about 100 peeves (a hectopeeve) right now.

Chocolate-fed women have better sex lives. Silly article.

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Unconscious Mutterings

  1. You’ve got a friend:: Here
  2. Immigration:: Port
  3. Waitress:: Tray
  4. Snickers:: Bar
  5. Recognize:: Something
  6. Concept:: Art
  7. Birthday:: Cake
  8. Told you so:: Sarcasm
  9. Unlikely:: Possibility
  10. Extension:: Cord