by syaffolee

I Stole a Link Hoard from a Dragon

That is, if dragons were real and they hoarded links. Anyways, never fear, this isn’t turning into an uberlinklog any time soon. I just have the habit of bookmarking stuff to read later and then thinking it would be such a waste if I simply deleted them after I’m done.

* * *

Where Are All The Women? One blogger thinks the whole argument of female vs. male blogs is blown out of proportion and that feminist bloggers should chill out. I’m thinking I really should stop linking to all this blather about whether or not female bloggers are ignored, but I can’t help reading this stuff–it’s like being morbidly drawn to watch car wrecks.

Where are the women bloggers overload. A Pandagon article quoting women op-ed journalists on the reasons for the dearth of female opinion writers.

The Blog Cycle. Anil Dash writes about how blogger communities rehash the same things over and over again. I think musing about the blog cycle is part of the blog cycle itself.

How to grow your (blogging) audience. I think you can do all those things and still have no audience.

Blogsnow. Another link aggregator.

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Classic maths puzzle cracked at last. A graduate student finally figured out the pattern for primes and partitioning–which will undoubtedly have applications in encryption technologies.

Chewing gum can ‘enhance breasts’. This is a BBC article, not spam.

Utensils divulge dinner date’s feelings. “Although it may never reach the market, a new type of dating tool could give inspiration to the romantically challenged. By attaching electrodes to regular eating utensils, inventor James Larsson has created knives and forks that can pick up on whether the person across the table feels uncomfortable or pleased.”

Women get extra dose of X-chromosome genes. “However, it seems that the inactive X doesn’t just sit down and shut up. The first of two research papers on the human X chromosome, both published in Nature, analyses the complete sequence of the chromosome. The second shows that women still express many genes from their inactive X chromosomes. What’s more, different women express different genes from the inactive X.”

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Time Wasters

Moodcatcher. It says I’m experiencing an existential crisis and that I’m having a “long dark night of the soul.” I suppose that’s true enough. Also it gave me Eel-grass, a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Is that a spreadsheet on your screen – or solitaire? Companies want to pose restrictions on employees for playing computer games. Well, I don’t play solitare (or any other computer games for that matter, except for IF)–but I do read weblogs.

Actually, sex doesn’t sell. “Sex sells, but not serious sex. Films can be sexy, but they can’t portray the sexual intimacy most people crave. In the movies, you have to have safe sex palatable to a younger audience. The portrayal has to be violent or funny.”

How to really confuse your party guests. Pictures of a gravity-defying room.

The Periodic Table of Rock. Split into metals and non-metals as well as a bunch of false metals. And why did Lenny Kravitz get his own column?

Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts from Western Europe. I am such a sucker for old books.

‘Satanic’ turtle survives inferno. I don’t see any devil faces. It’s just a case of a bunch of crazy pet shop owners trying to make a quick buck off of gullible, superstitious people.

Knobtweakers. (via An mp3 blog for electronic music fans! Plenty of interesting stuff.