by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Hot Dogs and French Fries

Onesome: Hot Dogs–Spring picnics and cookouts are coming! Is it hot dogs or hamburgers you want to have on your plate as you head back to the table?

Anything but hot dogs and hamburgers. I’d rather have a sandwich. Unless that’s the only stuff they’re serving.

Twosome: and– …and what else is on that plate that you just cannot be without as you work your way through the crowd? Potato salad? One of those huge pickles? Come on, there has to be something !

Not sure. When it comes to vegetables, I’m not that picky.

Threesome: French Fries– …and the real toughie: do you have to have “fries with that’? …or will chips do well enough for you. Just curious…

I’m not especially picky about this stuff either.