by syaffolee

Rainy Weekend

Something about driving in the rain raises my hackles. More people than usual seem to have a death wish on the road, driving fast and reckless. They tailgate, even when I reach five miles over the speed limit. The slick grayness and the churning clouds overhead–is this what dares people to tread that line between here and oblivion? Is it because unlike their dull jobs and boring home lives, this is the only moment that they feel alive?

I must admit there’s a certain beauty about rainy traffic. A car is not just a car–but a mechanical mermaid rising out of a silver mist–as the hind wheels kick up water. The roads are dark things curling intimately around dripping hills and buildings and budding trees. Perhaps the other drivers feel this too and subconsciously desire that morbid thought of running aground, skin upon cold wet pavement.

* * *
A book sale, how could I miss one? This one was held at a local high school, the books filling two gymnasiums. Why the school had two gymnasiums, I don’t know–the high school I went to was larger than this school yet only had one gym. Patrons stuffed boxes and bags with books–it was half-price today–seemingly without any thought about what the books were about.

What makes a person pick up a book for consideration? Besides the author and the title, there is something said for typeface and color and cover art. For some reason, none of those things really caught my eye at the sale. There was too much popular fiction–the plot-driven and cardboard character action adventure kind–and not much of anything else. It’s pretty bad when I say even Stephen King was almost non-existent.

As for non-fiction, it was mostly sociology and history and religion and cooking books. The only book I bought was one about the transcontinental railroad. I was somewhat disappointed, but there will be other book sales.

* * *
Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Detachment:: Ignorance
  2. Regard:: Less
  3. Community:: Supper
  4. Strike three:: Out
  5. Congregation:: Segregation
  6. Generous:: Donation
  7. Pretention:: Abstention
  8. Pregnant:: Baby
  9. Drinking:: Water
  10. Brilliance:: Dalliance