11 Steps to a Better Brain. I’m sure many people would think medication that keeps you awake is a boon–after all, doesn’t more awake hours equal more work done? But would others exploit this to make people work more? Yet in the same article, they say sleep-deprivation is bad. Also, I can’t see myself eating beans for breakfast.

The flu pandemic: were we ready? Nature has put up a (fictional) weblog about what it would be like if the world was hit by a flu pandemic.

‘Sarcasm’ brain areas discovered. This research isn’t a joke–it may aid in understanding why the autistic can’t tell the difference between sarcasm and normal communication.

Natural-Born Liars. “Everybody lies … every day, every hour, awake, asleep, in his dreams, in his joy, in his mourning. If he keeps his tongue still his hands, his feet, his eyes, his attitude will convey deception.”