by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: I Need a Laptop

Onesome – I – Tell us something about yourself that you haven’t posted about before and wouldn’t mind stating on the record.

There’s this thing I made two days ago. I suppose you could call it a dessert bread. It’s basically bread (but I substituted brown sugar for white because I didn’t have any white sugar on hand) with cream cheese and white chocolate. To my surprise, it’s actually good and the bread itself isn’t hard. Probably because I also used double the amount of yeast compared to last time.

Twosome – Need – Is there anything you need at the moment? What is it? Or, are you not in need of anything but want something?

I wish I had more time. But I don’t think anyone will give it to me.

Threesome – a Laptop – Do you have a laptop? If so, what type is it? Any recommendations for someone looking into getting a laptop?

Yes, it’s a Dell Inspiron which I got fairly inexpensively (compared to all the other laptops at any rate) because there was some sort of “sale” and I didn’t ask for any add-ons. I didn’t even have Microsoft Word on it when I got it (which was fine for my purposes). If you want to get a laptop, definitely consider what you’re going to be doing with it. Are you going to be using the laptop for everything or just traveling? Do you really need all those doohickies when a five dollar LAN cable will work? Is size and weight a factor? What are other people’s experiences with the particular laptop you’re looking at? Does it break down all the time?