by syaffolee

Too Many Boxes

Okay, so it should be obvious to everyone by now that I’m moving. (And if it’s news to you, see Re: 70 lb boxes.) So forgive me if posting for the next couple weeks turns spastic.

The property owners have been taking prospective tenants (or rather, prospective tenants’ parents) to have a look at my apartment and it seemed as if everyone liked the place–thus the first people who looked at it got to lease the place after I leave.

I’d like to think my lack of decorating skills had something to do with people liking the apartment. I never got that much furniture in the first place (I don’t have a sofa or a television) which made the place very minimalist, light, and space-y. And of course, I’m not a slob. When I first looked at the apartment, the previous tenant had made the place a literal hole-in-the-wall–he had heavy drapes and too much furniture which made it look dark and claustrophobic.

Also, people have told me that it is better to get an apartment where a girl has lived in before because she has kept it in better condition. It’s a not so subtle implication that guys are terrible housekeepers–a sad generalization that wouldn’t be so true if cleanliness and neatness were instilled into the male mind at a young age.

I personally hate domestic chores, but I do it anyway because I don’t like filth. Besides, there’s no one else to fob it off to.

Although I wonder what the next tenant will think of the loud, obnoxious neighbors. May he have a good supply of earplugs.