The Thursday Threesome: I could really use a shower!

Onesome: I could really– get into what or who musically this week? Have you run across anything or anyone new to share with the gang?

New? Not really. I’ve been listening to the BBC broadcasts of Beethoven’s symphonies. Renée Fleming. And Gabriel Fauré piano quartets.

Twosome: Use– Hey, what do you use for most of your cooking? The microwave? …or the toaster oven? Regular oven? Weber grill? (…and Mark, opening the bag of chips doesn’t count!)

I use the regular oven.

Threesome: A shower– …and the softball of the week: shower or bath? What’s your preference. Okay, pool or hot tub (if you had one or both)?

Shower. There is something vaguely icky about a tub full of stagnant water.