by syaffolee

Catch Up

I suppose I’m taking a bit of a hiatus–not quite sure when I’ll be regularly posting again but don’t start taking any bets.

On to local news that makes me roll my eyes: apparently the Southern Baptist Convention is in town and they’re planning to go door to door “making friends.” They claim that they’re not going around shoving their religion down other people’s throats, but I’m not buying it. The news anchors are trying to make it sound like it’s better than door-to-door salespeople, but I think it’s exactly the same thing. These people are just selling religion instead of vacuum cleaners.

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Tangled Bank #30

Don’t forget to read up on some excellent science posts around the blogosphere with the latest edition of Tangled Bank over at The Geomblog.

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The Thursday Threesome: Calling in Sick

Onesome: I can’t come in–Have you ever locked yourself out of the house or the car? How’d it happen, and how did you get back in?

As far as I can recall, no. I’m usually pretty careful about keeping my keys with me.

Twosome: to work today– What is your dream job and why?

Dream job: something that I enjoy doing and earning enough money to pay the bills.

Threesome: because I…– What’s the worst excuse you’ve ever given or heard of for not going into work/ school? Why did you really call in?

I don’t give fake excuses.

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Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Wally:: World
  2. Phantom:: Sensation
  3. Slippery:: Road
  4. Fungus:: Glow
  5. Slot:: Machine
  6. Type:: Setter
  7. Discharge:: Recharge
  8. “We need to talk”:: Said
  9. On the spot:: Reconstruction
  10. Liquid:: Nitrogen