by syaffolee

A Nanowrimo Controversy

I’ve been partially following a hot thread on the forums called What is the point of this?

The instigator of the thread basically posits that there is no point to doing Nanowrimo. He says that anyone can join and that what most people will be writing is tons of crap that isn’t publishable. There are a lot of other participants who’ve rushed to defend the concept of Nanowrimo and to that, I say, hurray! If you have to ask what the point is, you’ve probably completely missed it anyway.

Why does anyone want to write a novel in a month? There are probably as many reasons as there are participants. And who’s to say that one reason isn’t as valid as the next? Nanowrimo is all about getting the motivation to write and to join a community of writers who understand what you’re going through. Sure, any person can join–but why act elitist about it? Part of the writing process is to just get the words down. A lot of people who want to write novels don’t even do that.

If you want to join a small writers group who’s goal is to get published, then join another group. Nanowrimo’s purpose is to get writing. I’m sure a lot of words churned out during November is “crap” but that doesn’t mean that nobody’s trying. Besides, I don’t think such a paragon exists who can turn out perfect prose the first time. If someone really wants to write crap, they can just copy and paste the same word 50,000 times. And editing…well, that’s a different process. You’ll have to check up on Nanoedmo for that.

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