by syaffolee

“Overrated” Fantasy Authors

I’ve compiled a list of fantasy authors that people have claimed to be “overrated.” My own comments are included, but if you’re looking for something to do, you can take this as a meme. Or you can comment. Are any of the overrated authors that I haven’t read any good? Are there any other overrated authors that I didn’t include?

Anthony, Piers – I wouldn’t call him overrated. Everyone knows his books are fluff.

Attanasio, A.A. – Haven’t read.

Bemmann, Hans – Haven’t read. Never heard of him either.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer – Haven’t read.

Brooks, Terry – I’ve read two or three books by him and all I can say is, “Eh.”

Card, Orson ScottEnder’s Game was awesome. The few other books I’ve read didn’t stick to my mind.

Donaldson, Stephen R. – Haven’t read.

Douglass, Sara – Haven’t read. But I have a copy of Threshold on my to-be-read pile because I’ve seen a good review for it.

Drake, David – Haven’t read.

Eddings, David – I’ve read one book which was in the middle of a series. I was not impressed.

Feist, Raymond – Haven’t read.

Goodkind, Terry – Haven’t read.

Hamilton, Laurell K. – I’ve only read Lunatic Cafe and some of her Anita Blake short stories. I can’t say I was particularly struck by her writing.

Haydon, Elizabeth – Haven’t read.

Hickman, Tracy – Haven’t read.

Jacques, Brian – I’ve read a few set in the world of Redwall. At the time, I thought they were pretty good, for novels about anthropomorphic animals.

Jones, J.V. – I’ve only read The Barbed Coil. I don’t really remember much about it.

Jordan, Robert – Haven’t read. His huge books scare the heck out of me. You could kill somebody with one of those.

King, Stephen – I have only read his novella “The Langoliers” and started the first chapter or two of Pet Cemetary. I’m not that much of a horror buff.

Lackey, Mercedes – I’ve read her sporadically, usually just random books in the middle of series. I don’t particularly like or dislike her work.

Lee, Tanith – What?! Tanith Lee is great. All hail Tanith Lee!

Martin, George R.R. – Haven’t read although have heard people absolutely hating him or absolutely loving him.

McCaffrey, Anne – I’ve read her older books which I thought were pretty good. Have no idea what her newer books are like.

Modesitt, L.E. – Haven’t read.

Newcomb, Robert – Haven’t read. Never heard of him.

Paolini, Christopher – Haven’t read. I’d hesitate just because the author’s a teenager.

Paxson, Diana L. – Haven’t read.

Pierce, Tamora – I’ve only read her Song of the Lioness quartet. The first two books were pretty good, but I was disappointed with the later books.

Pullman, Philip – I thought the His Dark Materials trilogy was brilliant when I finished it. Count Karlstein is hilarious. The Sally Lockhart series is on my to-be-read pile.

Rice, Anne – I have only read the Mayfair Witches trilogy. That was weird. I’ve only read the first chapter of The Mummy and put it down because I was bored.

Rowling, J.K. – I have only read the first Harry Potter book. I just don’t get why everyone gushes about it. It’s derivative.

Rusch, Kristin Kathryn – Haven’t read. Never heard of her.

Stevermer, Caroline – I don’t think she’s overrated. She’s not prolific, but what she has written is good.

Tolkien, J.R.R. – But he’s the guy who jumpstarted the whole genre!

Weis, Margaret – Haven’t read.

Williams, Tad – Haven’t read.

Added: 10/16 – Elizabeth Haydon, Caroline Stevermer; 10/17 – David Drake, Raymond Feist, L.E. Modesitt