by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Painted Garden Gnomes

Onesome: Painted– Hey! Are you getting all painted up on Monday and going out and about? What are you dressing up as? …or are you staying home and handing out goodies? …or sitting in the dark and wishing they would all just go away? Come on !

Er. No. To all questions.

Twosome: Garden– In the garden of your mind, where do you go to relax for a few moments? Off to the beach? …to the mountains? …to a different world? …or maybe a stroll though an old Victorian landscape?

I try to blank my mind of everything.

Threesome: Gnomes– Okay, we have to know: what do you think about garden gnomes and pink flamingos and such? I mean other than there seems to be a local ordinance that you have to have at least one or the other in your front yard if you live in South Florida?

I don’t think too much of it. If people want gnomes and flamingos on their lawns, they are free to put them there. I wouldn’t want any on mine though.