by syaffolee

Crazy Sale!

Don’t ask me how I ended up there. Now that I think about it, I’m not quite sure. It’s fuzzy and a bit of a blur. But I do remember that there was a sale. I turned a corner and then suddenly I was in the middle of a kitchenware war zone. A sale on pots. And lots of desperate housewives with the occasional bewildered husband.

There were ripped up cardboard boxes and sadly tattered pieces of plastic. Shopping carts jammed every which way. And the pots! Here, there, everywhere. The bigs ones were extremely coveted–snatched up as soon as they were spotted among the debris, hugged against bosoms like precious children. Yelling, cajoling. A militant sparkle in every cooking woman’s eye.

And you’d better step out of the way or you’d be run over by a cart filled with pots.

“A lid! A lid! I’m trying to find a lid! To. Fit. This. Pot!”

Yes, pots need lids. And all those lids, mismatched, incorrectly sized. Those housewives, pick up one, try to fit it on their big pots. And fail. Don’t get in between those shoppers and their quest for the perfect pot on sale. They smile. Excuse me. Sharp, bared teeth flash before my eyes.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: I Can’t Stand Being Sick!

Onesome: I Can’t – What little thing can’t you do that everyone else seems to be able to do?

Shop at a clothing store. It bores me.

Twosome: Stand – What issue is it that you take a big stand on?

Uh, a lot of things.

Threesome: Being Sick – Are you prone to getting sick or are you one of those people that can go years in between illnesses?

No, I do not get sick very often. But I do have allergies. Pesky things.