Yet Another Year For Ye Olde Blog

Is it crazy or what–this blog is four years old today. Pretty old in internet terms. And at the moment, it’s acting sort of old considering the pace I’m putting up the posts lately. I suppose that’s my annual blog complaint as well–that I’m not posting often enough. Oh well. Here’s some links to diddle your time away:

Calendar Maker. This serves no practical purpose, except for people wanting to draw up a moon calendar based on worlds with many moons.

Nice Hair. A web comic that originally started out as a joke about Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton, et al.

Gorey TTF. “It’s a TrueType font based on the distinctive hand lettering of Edward Gorey.”

Science fiction book and magazine covers. (via Monkeyfilter) Geez, I’m such a geek.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: Of the Hours in the Week

Onesome: Of the Hours-in the week, which ones are your favorites?

Any one except the one when I have to get up.

Twosome: In the-week there are 168 hours (it seems longer!); what bit of trivia do you hold that you’d like to share with the group?

There are approximately 35 different breeds of sheep in the United States. I happen to know that because somebody asked me to look it up recently.

Threesome: Week-after week we roll along, pausing each Thursday to share some common time here; where else do you go on a weekly basis for a little diversion? (On line or off line; either is fine.)

There is another meme, but uh, I haven’t been so strict about doing it.