by syaffolee


Yes, I am indeed finished with this year’s Nanowrimo project. The story is completed at 74,725 words. This is the longest thing I have written, ever. I’ve been writing around 4-5k the past couple of days and my brain is fried. Meanwhile, I will give you the summary. It’s supposed to be fantasy/steampunk.

Summary for Foxfire: The city of Amanthus may be mysteriously rotting from the inside out, but Zan Hu has other worries. Her Uncle Elliot has passed away leaving several people clamoring after Zan, urging her to complete the research that he has left at loose ends. There’s also the Museum director who’s after her uncle’s machines. Then there’s her strange patron funding her work–why is he so adamant in following her around? Oh, and there’s another thing that has her worried–changing into a fox at the most inopportune moment.

If you’re curious and aren’t afraid of reading a first draft (and my crappy explanations on electricity–please do not use them to help you study for your E&M course), you can go here to read the entire novel in several installments or you can download the entire thing to read at your leisure.