by syaffolee

Cheesecake and a Meme

The Thursday Threesome: Daily Ups and Downs

Onesome: Daily– Do you have a daily routine you’ve fallen into this Christmas? …baking in the morning, shopping in the afternoon? …checking your list (twice) and then trying to find that certain something at lunch? …checking the shippers to make sure everything is on the way? …making sure you don’t miss a day with your Advent calendar?

No routine. Everything just gets a bit more random.

Twosome: Ups and– USPS and DHL and FedEx? How’s the inbound traffic this year? Are you receiving more from on line stores than you have in the past? (Oh, and a word to the gang on this: Amazon’s “SuperSaver Shipping” is using a sequence of Airborne to the USPS to the recipient, targeting deliveries for Friday the twenty-third. Heads up tomorrow for inbound reindeer!)

USPS? I’m not doing much mailing this year.

Threesome: Downs–’ hatch? What are your thoughts on eggnog now that it’s that time of year? …and sure, unleadeed or with the traditional added ‘kick’. It seems no one is fence-sitting on this holiday drink; people either seem to like it or loath it. How about you?

I do not like eggnog.

* * *
Recently, I’ve been experimenting with cheesecake. Instead of making the whole thing (with three pounds of cream cheese per cake), I’ve scaled down the basic recipe so it’s only 1 bar of cream cheese (8 oz) and 1 egg. This will make a very small cake, but at least this will allow me to try more things. I’ve already tried different kinds of berries (cranberries, blueberries, raspberries) and I’m contemplating on putting coffee or chocolate (or both!) into the next one.

And don’t worry, I have other people eating them.

Semi-aside: I’ve been to the Cheesecake Factory only twice and both times, I never stayed longer than 10 minutes. The first time I went was with a large group of people, and we were told we would have to wait two hours to get a table. The second time I went just to look at how much they were selling their cheesecakes (which was too much: cheesecakes aren’t that hard to make and the ingredients aren’t that expensive). Both times, the restaurant was packed with human sardines. You tell me–what sort of dining experience is that? I don’t want to feel like a sardine while I’m eating.