by syaffolee

Links and a Meme

Microscope Imaging Station. A very cool gallery with images and video of protozoa, cellular function, fruit flies, and more.

DNA 11 creates abstract art from a sample of your DNA.” First creating rings made out of your own bone and now this. Yep, now your own body is becoming a commercial fest.

Renaissance Festival Books. View 253 historical Renaissance books (digitized by the British Library) online.

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The Thursday Threesome: Hook ’em Horns!

Onesome: Hook– Just to get us back in the swing of things after the holidays: when you’re at home, where do your keys hang out, on a hook by the door? …or do they have a special place? …or do you find them wherever they landed the last time you walked in?

There’s a hook on a door. Which door and which hook, I won’t say.

Twosome: ’em– Do you use contractions like ” ’em ” in your daily conversations? …or do people use a contraction or phrase that particularly bugs you past the point of rationality?

I don’t pay much attention to my own speech, but I’ll say, probably not very often. I’m not bothered by other people using contractions.

Threesome: Horns– On the Horns of a dilemma: if you had only one movie you could nominate for the Academy Awards for 2005, which would it be? …and why? The screenplay? …the lead player(s)? …the setting?

I haven’t seen very many movies in 2005 so I’d pass on this.