by syaffolee

Buggy Prepositions

What’s That Bug? They don’t offer extermination advice, but they do identify them. And there are definitely cool querent submitted pictures.

The Spidron is a planar figure consisting of two alternating sequences of isosceles triangles which, once it is folded along the edges, exhibits extraordinary spatial properties. The Spidron can be used to construct various space-filling polyhedra and reliefs, while its deformations render it suitable for the construction of finely adjustable dynamic structures.”

The Sky At Night. Watch the episodes of a BBC space program by Patrick Moore online!

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Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Better off:: Than
  2. Girls:: And
  3. Uniform:: Boxes
  4. Classified:: Ads
  5. Hard:: Soft
  6. Kitty:: Cat
  7. Team:: Effort
  8. Massive:: Attack
  9. Depressed:: About
  10. Award:: For