The Ol’ Rigamarole

The Thursday Threesome: Premium Web Service

Onesome–Premium – Have you paid for any access to web services? What services? What are they like?

I’ve paid for dial-up. Download times, even for regular pages, are really slow. So I’ve come to appreciate sleekly designed sites.

Twosome–Web – For the free stuff on the web, what it your favorite out there? What do you find yourself looking at everyday?

I use the web as a tool, so I mostly appreciate finding information quickly.

Threesome–Service – What goes on in your mind when you’re out and get bad service from a restaurant or store? Do you let it slide off your back like ducks do to water? Or, do you make sure the business knows your dissatisfaction?

I probably won’t be vocally mad. It seems rather counterproductive. Maybe the service people are having a bad day. Most likely, I might vent my displeasure on this blog.

* * *
Links: Some Digital Library Stuff

Corsair. Ah! Another library of manuscripts digitized–primarily medieval and Renaissance ones.

Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project. A digital collection of old cookbooks–yummy!

LibraryThing. “Catalog your books online.” Hm. I already keep a list of books I’ve read on this site so I’m not sure if this is really necessary. Besides, you can only enter 200 books for free (after that, a fee is required).

The Map Realm. Fictional road maps. I am totally amazed by the detail. The maps I make for background for my own fiction writing are piddle compared to his.