by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: “The Shakiest Gun in the West”

Onesome: The Shakiest– comedian is gone! …but not forgotten: what scene or what movie/TV show was your favorite Don Knotts piece?

I don’t follow shows or movies simply because of an actor so I can’t really say there’s a particular scene by anyone that I’m partial to. That said, I’ve seen Don Knotts on the two or three episodes of The Andy Griffith Show I did see and Three’s Company.

Twosome: Gun– Who handles the law enforcement powers in your neck of the woods? Is it a police department or a sheriff’s office? …or are you under military jurisdiction?

The police department. I think.

Threesome: In the West– Okay, quickly now: your favorite scene in any western! Nope, not the movie, just the one scene you like best or is most memorable to you…

See answer to first question.