The Thursday Threesome: On the Nightstand

Onesome: On– a clear day I can see all the way to _____!

To the next county?

Twosome: the– very next project I’m going to work on is _____. …and why would that be?

Well, at this point, I’d better concentrate on my current project before thinking about the next one.

Threesome: Nightstand– What are you reading this time of year? A thriller? Romance? The tax code?

I thought everyone was reading the tax code.

Anyways, a fantasy novel I’ve recently finished: Sebastian by Anne Bishop – It’s remarkably tame considering the fact that the main character is half-incubus. Otherwise, some unusual fantasy world building where getting from place to place is literally less about following a map and more about following your heart.

Some books I’m thinking about starting but may or may not end up reading: The Quantum Rose by Catherine Asaro and Moon Called by Patricia Briggs and Nightlife by Rob Thurman.