by syaffolee

Dream Blogging

I had one of those dreams again where I got the compulsion to blog.

I’m fairly certain the dreams are never the same even though I don’t remember much of it when I wake up, but I do know that during the dream, I don’t feel like I’m dreaming. Usually it’s something along the lines of “I can’t believe this is happening, I’ve got to blog this!” or “This is so cool, I’ve got to put this in the blog. My readers would be all over this!”

But then I wake up and realize it’s all some crazy dream and then scrap the idea of blogging it because really, who wants to read a dream? None of it really happened.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: Erin go Braugh!

Onesome: Erin– Quick, toss out two names that sound the same yet are spelled differently! We’ll spot you “Erin” and “Aaron” to get you going…

The first thing I thought about was all those spelling variations where you change the “i” to a “y” or vice versa. Or where names are changed subtly to denote gender differences. If you really want homophone proper names, you should look at Chinese names. All Chinese names are homophones for something else. But I’m guessing you don’t want that answer. It’s too easy.

Twosome: go– …going to do anything special this Friday? Green pancakes for breakfast perhaps? (Seriously, I know someone who does that…)


I never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day except when I was in grade school. And I only wore green because threats of pinching were involved. Dang it, why can’t people just keep their hands to themselves?

Threesome: Braugh– Erin go Braugh! There are many sayings for St. Patrick’s Day. What is one you’ve heard and liked?

I don’t know any St. Patrick’s Day sayings. If I used the Internet to find some, I would be cheating.