by syaffolee

Postmodernist Drivel

About the title of this post: It’s the best put-down of a scientific paper I’ve accidentally overheard recently (no offense to English/Lit people, but po-mo is definitely the wrong way to explain how something in nature works).

* * *
I’ve been plane hopping lately so if you spotted someone with a bunch of Wired magazines* and a copy of Paul R. Ehrlich’s Human Natures (I’m almost done with it, by the way–it’s pretty good), that was me. And this is also why I have up a belated meme…

*Aside: As a related comment to the previous post, one of those Wired magazines had an article about the changing readership of comics. It was implied that the new wave of comic fans are teenage goth girls with tattoos and piercings who have tired of manga. What’s up with that? That’s not surprising at all. It would be much more amusing if the Oprah book club started reading them for fun.

The Thursday Threesome: New Car Smell

Onesome- New: What’s new in your life? New car, new house, new job or new person, or even just a new toy you bought for yourself?

Um, nothing right now, although all that plane hopping (i.e. catching connections) resulted in briefly visiting states I’ve never been to before–if you call getting stuck in an airport an hour or two “visiting”.

Twosome- Car: What kind of car do you drive? What kind of car would you like to drive if you could?

I think I mentioned what sort of car I have somewhere else in the blog. Basically, as long as the car works, everything’s great.

Threesome- Scent: Scents are great at bringing back memories. Is there a scent that any time you smell it you flash back to something in your past?

Not really.