by syaffolee

More Evil Than Spam

At least with spam, it’s just an e-mail address. The deal with the last post is more insidious than I had thought. The random university that had mistakenly billed me has an account on me since before I graduated high school. They billed me because they “accidentally” accessed my account. They said they got the information because I sent test scores to them.

I NEVER sent test scores to them.

The only way they could have possibly gotten any information on me is if they paid the testing company for the information. This is creepy because this means this random university probably has other information on me besides just my name and address.

And there’s another thing that I don’t get: Why is my “account” with them, which was created in the last millennium, still accessible even though I never had any contact with the university? Is it standard procedure for universities to even create accounts for anyone they run across during their info grabbing sprees? If one random university has me on their roster, how many other universities have accounts on me? Or for that matter, does every university have me on file?

And let’s not forget the testing company. Sending out scores and addresses is one thing. But credit card numbers as well?