by syaffolee

Better Off Alone

bone carvingsWhen going city exploring, don’t go with people who offer rides and tag along but in the end refuse to go with you into the museum and insist on staying in the car. This is no fun for all involved. If you want to go somewhere, go with someone who has similar strategies on sightseeing.

So today, it was basically a bit of poking around at the Vancouver Museum. I was most interested with the rotating exhibits, No Place for a Lady (fascinating accounts and artifacts of “adventurous women travellers”) and Persian Steel (a collection of beautiful Middle Eastern metal objects). I was less impressed with the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s exhibits which basically looked like someone had cleaned out their garage and donated their junk to the museum.

Also, I visited a supermarket which specifically catered to the Chinese population in Vancouver. There was a lot of fresh and yummy food and the place was packed like a can of sardines. And of course all the customers were, at least, Asian. North American-living Asians at any rate, so I totally blended in. If I had been in Hong Kong (or Nashville for that matter), I would have stuck out like a blue thumb.