by syaffolee

As Usual, The Meme

The Thursday Threesome: “Hey, Good Lookin’, whatcha got cookin’ How’s about cookin’ something up with me.”

Onesome- Hey, good lookin’: Makeover time! What’s the one thing about yourself you would change if you could? From your hair style to your nose to your weight, you name it.

If I were more secure with myself, I wouldn’t change anything.

Twosome- whatcha got cookin’?: Do you like to cook? What’s your favorite meal that you cook yourself? Care to share the recipe?

I like baking pies. The trick is, the more flakier the crust, the more butter content. I’m still trying to figure out how little butter I can put in and still get away with it. And for the love of all that’s good, do not put in shortening or lard unless you want to keel over of a heart attack. As for the filling, fresh fruit is best. Do not add any sugar, but add some corn starch to keep the juice from running.

Threesome- How’s about cookin’ something up with me?: If you like to cook, do you like to share the kitchen/grill? If you share, do you direct the goings on, or just let the other person do their thing? Or do you prefer to solo it, subscribing to the “too many cooks spoil the broth,” theory?

I prefer the latter. Going solo, that is. Otherwise, if the other people in the kitchen are doing their own thing and not bothering me, it’s okay.