by syaffolee

Eating with the Belugas

BelugaWhat better way to celebrate Earth Day than to visit the Vancouver Aquarium? I got to eat lunch while sitting by the beluga tank, watching these graceful aquatic animals of the arctic lazily coming up for air and occasionally raising their tails to the human watchers without any prompting from trainers. (But was this a trick to impress the audience or merely the whale equivalent of the finger? We’ll never know.)

Stanley Park shoreThe rest of the day, I walked around Stanley Park, the place where the Aquarium was located, taking in the views of English Bay and the scent of sea air. I overheard someone say that the park was peaceful and tranquil, but I beg to differ. The place was crowded with pedestrians, bicyclists, and roller bladers–not to mention the roads going into the park that were clogged with cars in blatant defiance of the one day in the year where people are supposed to be thinking of the environment for a change.

Salmon Crossing