by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Packing for a Trip

Onesome: Packing– What type of packing do you do when you travel? Are you one of those who carefully does the “traveler’s roll” with each peace of clothing and tucks it carefully away? …or does everything more or less just find its way into the car somehow?

I can fit everything I need in one suitcase and one bookbag if I’m traveling for longer periods. If I’m just staying in a place for two or three days, the bookbag is sufficient.

Twosome: for a– change of pace how about a guided tour of any building or place you’d like to visit: where would you go if you had that opportunity?

I heard about an architectural tour for Vancouver where you’d get to walk around and get regaled about the history of each building. Too bad I won’t be going on one while I’m here. On the other hand, I heard about this one building that went around the height restrictions by buying up the airspace above the nearby church…

Threesome: Trip– Where are you off to on your next trip? …or if you’re stuck in place for a while, where would you like to go? …and yes, “Anywhere!!!” is an okay answer!

To a place I haven’t been to before.

* * *

I just discovered a new favorite film composer: Harry Gregson-Williams. This is probably due to the fact that I have never watched any of the movies that went with his scores.

And here’s an interesting and hilarious book I came across recently: The Cat Owner’s Manual which treats your cat like a new computer. It’s part of a series that includes similar manuals for dogs, babies, and houses.