Don't Shake the Flask

Because you don't know if it'll explode

Month: May, 2006

The Thursday Threesome: Last Day of School

Onesome- Last: What’s the last thing you do each day before heading to bed? Do you sit down with a cup of herbal tea? Read a bit? What’s your evening routine? Do you settle in early or are you a night owl, winding down long after the rest of the household is in bed?

Usually I read a bit. And I try to get to bed as early as possible.

Twosome- Day: How do you start off your day? Do you stumble to the kitchen and turn on the coffee maker in a sleepy haze? Or do you wake up refreshed and rarin’ to go? Maybe somewhere in the middle?

I’m fairly awake in the morning.

Threesome- of School: What’s your fondest school memory? Whether it be from childhood or college, let us know!

I wouldn’t say “fondest”, but the first thing that came to mind was building snowmen in the playground.

Having Tea With Elvis

Yesterday, I went to Memphis. It was the first time I’ve ever been there and I was kind of surprised by how old and run-down some neighborhoods are–even ghetto-fied. I suppose I was expecting more of a quaint southern city due to everyone else’s rose-colored recollections.

teapotThe first place I went to was the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, particularly because I wanted to see “The Artful Teapot” (Aside: The author of this link was able to take photographs of the collection–I wasn’t. Overzealous security people screamed “No photography!” at me when I whipped out the digital camera. I assumed they wanted me to buy their overpriced coffee table book. Fat chance!), a collection of twentieth-century artists’ interpretation of the teapot. Teapots are depicted as everything from animals to buildings to political figures. And they are made of a variety of materials: ceramic, metals, twine, bottle caps, and even rock salt. I particularly enjoyed the cartoonish Pupil Correction and The Arms Dealer teapots of George Walker, the metaphorical Hostage Teapot by Richard Notkin, and the Lamb Teapot by Mary Engel made entirely of tiny dice. And, of course, the exhibition wouldn’t be complete without an Elvis teapot (by Jack Earl).

And, a visit to Memphis wouldn’t be complete without a looksee at Graceland. There are only two words I have for the place: TOURIST TRAP. Unless you are an avid fan of Elvis (and even then, it’s sort of questionable), it’s not really worth the twenty-two bucks for the basic tour. One gets jostled around and hustled through the place pretty quickly by overeager fans with cameras. And I was definitely not impressed with the mansion decor–shaggy dark green carpet on the walls and ceilings? I’d rather sit down with a 900-page tome biography about the king of rock and roll.

Meme Catchup

The Thursday Threesome: 303—451—501

Onesome: 303– In what household product line is this number used as a size? Can you guess, or will you have to hit the link?

I have no idea. I’m not a particularly domestic type of person so I’ve never really noticed any sizes.

Twosome: 451– Where is this number used in a title? Bonus: without Google, what is the significance of the number?

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, apparently the temperature at which paper burns.

Threesome: 501– Where is this number used to denote a style? Ah, you should know this…

Levi jeans.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: Moon River

Onesome: We’re after the same rainbow’s end- What’s your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Happiness, true friendship, money?

Happiness. Although to my way of thinking, this encompasses many things…

Twosome: Waiting around the bend- Anything interesting coming just ’round the bend for you?


Threesome: My Huckleberry friend- Huckleberries, what are they anyway?? Seriously though, what’s the strangest fruit you’ve ever eaten? Did you like it or hate it?

Huckleberries are a type of berry. I’ve never personally seen one though.

I don’t particularly think of any one fruit strange, but I’ll have to point out the durian. Tastes like custard, but very smelly. For me, the smell overwhelms the taste so I pretty much avoid it.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: Wuthering Heights (and lows)

Onesome: Wuthering– What kind of word is that anyway? Do you have a word you think is just strange? “Kangaroo” comes to mind…

I always think of “withering” when I hear “wuthering”, but I’m sure that’s not the same thing.

wuther – verb – to rush, bluster, hurl, (also variant of whither)

wither – verb – to dry up or shrivel

And as for strange words, every word sounds strange to me if I repeat it enough times.

Twosome: Heights– Are you afraid of them or can you dance along the rooftop coping like a character in a movie?

This depends, especially on whether or not I can see the ground below my feet. If I’m standing on clear glass or some sort of grated metal, I am definitely nervous. If it’s concrete or solid metal or wood with no gaps, I’m fine. I can also look over railing and not be particularly disturbed.

Threesome: (and lows)– What kind of insect or bug sends you low and scurrying? Do spiders do that to you? Wasps? …or do you just squish everything that “bugs” you?

This depends on how big and how fast the bug is moving. And whether or not it is moving towards me. If the bug or spider looks like it’s going to annoy me anytime soon, I will squish it.