by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Hurry Up… and Wait

Onesome: Hurry- What kind of driver are you? Always in a hurry, speeding to your destination, or going along with the flow whilst sticking to the speed limit exactly? Or are you somewhere in between? If you don’t drive, are you always in a hurry, more laid back or some where in between, personally?

I always try to go the speed limit. You never know if the highway patrol is watching. But you know, in reality, no one ever does the speed limit. If you’re on a limit 55 mph zone and everyone is doing at least 65, well, dog-nabbit, then you do 65. I go with the flow with most traffic since going faster or slower usually irritates people–and who knows what’s going on in the minds of other drivers. I don’t want to end up the victim to some road rage maniac.

And personally, I’m more of a laid back person except when it comes to important stuff–like deadlines.

Twosome: up- What drives you up a wall when you are driving? If you don’t drive, just tell us your biggest pet peeve.

People who do not signal when they want to change lanes. Especially in busy traffic. Are these people suicidal or what?

Threesome: and wait- You rushed to get where you needed to go on time, and now you face a wait. Your date’s not ready, your table in the restaurant you booked isn’t ready, or the doctor is running behind, whatever it is, you were on time, but they aren’t. How do you react? Do you complain, sit and wait, all the while silently fuming, or just settle in and wait, accepting it as part of life?

I wait. It’s sort of pointless to get mad at it all. Actually, I get sort of irritated at other people who get mad when they’re forced to wait. I know our society is really obsessed with time, but things happen and there’s usually nothing you can do about it. Well, except maybe vent your spleen, but that can’t be good for your blood pressure.