The Thursday Threesome: Butterflies are free!

Onesome: Butterflies– June 21st has come and gone; it’s Summer, and the Monarchs have pretty much finished their migration. How about you? Any travel plans? …or are you staying “safe and sane” on the 4th?

I’m moving!

I know, this weekend is a terrible weekend for moving. (How many cars are going to be on the road again?) And yes, I’m driving–for over two thousand miles all the way to, er, Potato Country. I have never imagined that I’d ever go to Potato Country but one never knows what life will throw at you.

At the very least, driving across the country instead of flying across will be interesting. One could ask why indeed I’m not flying and shipping my stuff. That would be easier, would it not? But I have it all figured: shipping the car alone would cost more than gas (even in these inflated times) and hotel/motel stays.

Today, it’s pretty much taping up some boxes, cramming the car with stuff (I hope it all fits!), and running around doing last minute things. And then I’ll be hitting the road early tomorrow morning. So don’t expect any blogging in the next couple of days.

Twosome: are– What are you reading this Summer? Do you have any recommendations for the gang?

I haven’t read very much lately due to the above, but I did like The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan. I think even non-science people will enjoy it. Maybe I’ll post a review of it later, when I have time.

Threesome: free!– As we do every so often: Have you found any free software or cool extensions lately to share with each other? Fonts? Butterflies?

I used this color scheme tool to help me find the colors I wanted for this current blog design.