The Thursday Threesome: Entertainment: Music and Movies

Onesome: Entertainment- What’s your chosen form of entertainment in your time off? Do you go to the movies, a concert or just sit and read or indulge in your hobbies?

This depends. I always have an unread book sitting on my shelf and a blank notebook to fill so I’m either reading or writing. I’ll do something else if it happens to pique my interest.

Twosome: Music- What’s your choice for musical entertainment? Classical, rock, pop, hip hop, a little bit of everything or something completely different? Do you have a favorite band/singer? If you could see anyone, alive or dead, perform live, who would it be?

I generally like instrumental work over anything with voice. I don’t have any favorites right now, but wouldn’t it be cool to use a time machine to see Beethoven conduct the Ninth?

Threesome: and Movies- What’s on your “must see” list right now? Do you actually go out to the movies or prefer to wait for the DVD?

I don’t pay much attention to movies these days, screen or DVD, so I had to go to to see what was actually out. I’m sort of curious about the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie since I liked the first one and I might get around to seeing A Scanner Darkly (Sci-fi! Animation!) and Wordplay (Crossword puzzles!) when I have time. Otherwise recent movies haven’t inspired any “must see” urges for me.