by syaffolee

A Link Everyone’s Looking For and a Meme

I actually get a significant number of searches for that old interpretive dance video on protein synthesis. Well here’s the link for that science video on BoingBoing (if I haven’t posted this before).

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: Cooked to Medium Rare

Onesome: Cooked to?– Okay, the easy one: if you’re having grilled meat (steak/hamburger) this weekend, how would you like it cooked?

Well done.

Twosome: Medium– to large? …too large? What do you think of the big ol’ plasma screen HDTVs available now? I mean, would you if you could?

I don’t do things just because I can. Sometimes, that can be monumentally stupid. As for televisions–I usually don’t watch TV; at times, I regard it as evil. So no, I wouldn’t get it just to show off.

Threesome: Rare– Footage: one of the major news services recently announced they would make archived news coverage available for personal purchase on DVD. Is there any one piece/segment/area of old news (or new) you’d like to have on your bookshelf to view “whenever”?

Purchase? Purchase?!! I think old news should be freeware. It should be distributed for reference like Wikipedia or the Internet Archive.