Don't Shake the Flask

Because you don't know if it'll explode

The Thursday Threesome: Fluffy Bunny Rabbits

Onesome: Fluffy– is as fluffy does! It’s almost lemon meringue season at that pie shop. Do you do fluffy pies? …or is it fruit all the way for you? (Okay, Southerners: go ahead and expound on rhubarb…)

I’m all for fruit pies (except for maybe blueberry). I haven’t baked any lately because I don’t have time.

Twosome: Bunny– slippers? Yes? No? Barefoot? Shoes? What do you schlep around the house in when it’s cold outside?

Socks and slippers

Threesome: Rabbits– Have you ever had little furry pets? What varieties? Are there any in your future?

No. Because I don’t have time (or rather, I’m only at home to go to sleep) to devote to any pets.

Science Reading

Tangled Bank #61 is up at Epigenetic News. Some of the links are borked so I’ve just provided an abbreviated list of the articles that I could find:

Wells vs. Mooney
Wolves on the Range
Viscosity I: “Stickiness” in Neutron Stars
Khayyam, Galileo, fundies and the finger salute
Telomere length as a biomarker of stress and aging
How similar are apes and humans?
Lichtenberg Figures
What is a Plover?
Name that contamination!
Water Cycle
Gresham’s Geocache
The Clean-Up Pro
More Tiny Things
One Year Later: Katrina and the Environment
Cystatin C As A Prognostic Tool for Cardiovascular and Kidney Diseases
Genetically Engineered Tomatoes With Enhanced Flavonol Content
What Would Alien Life Be Like?
Influenza virus and design
Starchild Abraham Cherrix
Last “Rational” Reason for Opposing Embryonic Stem Cell Research is Gone
Circadian expression of nuclear receptors

*Yeah, maybe posting all of the Tangled Bank links if you’re not the host is not completely kosher, but look at it this way–I’m doing my little part to drive traffic to deserving science blogs.