by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Fluffy Bunny Rabbits

Onesome: Fluffy– is as fluffy does! It’s almost lemon meringue season at that pie shop. Do you do fluffy pies? …or is it fruit all the way for you? (Okay, Southerners: go ahead and expound on rhubarb…)

I’m all for fruit pies (except for maybe blueberry). I haven’t baked any lately because I don’t have time.

Twosome: Bunny– slippers? Yes? No? Barefoot? Shoes? What do you schlep around the house in when it’s cold outside?

Socks and slippers

Threesome: Rabbits– Have you ever had little furry pets? What varieties? Are there any in your future?

No. Because I don’t have time (or rather, I’m only at home to go to sleep) to devote to any pets.